Ponta do Ouro regional information

Local information, regulations and advice.

Check the information below before heading to Ponta region in Mozambique to ensure you have a great holiday.

Some contact numbers to use in an emergency

Here is a list of contact numbers you can use if you land up in an emergency situation in Mozambique region even on your way to ponta do Ouro region.


Security - The one thing you can be sure of is Ponta do Ouro is safe, even at night when you are out enjoying your evening after a great day in the sun. Of course do not leave your wallet, bags or cell phones lying around especially in season with some suspect tourists around.


Currency - Cash in Rands is highly recommended and remember to leave it in a safe spot. The majority of vendors in Ponta accept Rands but if possible bring Meticais as well, which I would use wherever menus or process are advertised in local currency.


Credit Cards - VISA and Master Card with Visa at most establishments besides the market and dealing with local stores where you will be expected to pay cash and normally in Rands.


ATM - The ATM machine at the local bank in town will accept all major Credit/Debit cards. Draw some Local Meticais here and pay when menu is not in Rands to avoid exchange rate issues.


Electricity - is available at most establishments though in the rainy season can be disrupted for a few hours. Remember to bring torches in case this does happen and any lights you may need for your accommodation needs.


Water - Water generally in Ponta is from boreholes and can be slightly dis-coloured and is advisable not to drink as the sewerage system generally at all establishments and houses are french drains.

Questions  Answers

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News page

All major events are marketed here including specials marketed by those advertising on the Pontainfo web site.

Ponta Paragliding

Events and social pages for visitors to share and to keep up to date with weather and conditions for Paragliding.

Ponta Kite Surf and Music

Keep up to date with events and social media shared on what everyone has experienced including weather conditions etc.

Ponta Scuba Diving
Ponta Scuba Diving

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Maputo Special reserve
Maputo Marine Reserve
4x4 Game drives

Get all the latest info and events as they develop and populate the newly formed Maputo Marine Reserve.

Ponta Transport Noticeboard

Find all the transport options in the region including post your requirements for local assistance.


Here is some local advice on the region


Whether you are into Scuba Diving, Fishing, Surfing, Kiting, Snorkeling, Paragliding.. you name it you can find it within a few kilometers within Ponta - select HERE for all your options.

4x4 Vehicles

While Ponta has a Tar road to it many of the facilities in the region require a 4x4 or 2x4 with diff lock. Ponta Malongane/Mamoli can be tricky in Season especially in December & January.


Internet is available in Ponta do Ouro region but no wifi at the unit. Purchase Airtime from the Vodacom dealers you will see in the region offering you SIM packages. Purchase airtime and then convert to Data for the best packages.


BCI Bank has a ATM that accepts all cards mainly Master and Visa cards. No American Express. Drawing cash at the ATM  has a hefty withdrawal fee so ideally bring some cash with you and Rands are accepted at most establishments at a local exchange rate.