Here a couple of volunteer projects you can apply for

The volunteering programs vary from one research body to the other. See your various option below :

African Rhythm will be in the near future looking for students, graduates and post graduates to assist with the data capture of all the species in the region from land to the ocean. GIS co-ordinates need to be taken and avery specie photographed on site before identification.

There are no fees for your contribution except you will have to pay for your own accommodation, food and drinks. We are trying to get permission to construct a research office further north of Ponta do Ouro where hopefully we can offer free accommodation.

The research project is pending approval by the local authorities and approval of some form of sponsorship/grant to assist with the purchase of equipment such as microscopes, water analysis machines etc. If the approval does not go ahead there is a good chance we will start the project in the Tembe Elephant reserve and monitor the progress of the dropping of fences while they open the Futi corridor up in phases.

If you are interested in this project please contact us on marketing@africanrhythm.biz for us to make contact with you and to keep you up to date with progress.

Dolphin Encounters runs a volunteer program to do specific research on dolphin, which you can assist with. 30 day Dolphin Volunteer program also available - select Here for more details