Shopping tips

  1. 1.There is a ATM to draw money otherwise you will need to bring Rands/Mozambique Meticais.

  2. 2.Most Credit cards are accepted in most of the establishments but check before you try and use them.

  3. 3.Use rands where menu/prices are quoted in Rands and Meticais where quoted otherwise exchange rates might get complicated and you will come off worst in the transaction.

  4. 4.The South African government do NOT allow you to go through the border into SA with wooden carvings, plates etc. Please adhere to this policy to save the stunning Sand Forests from being cut down.

  5. 5.Ideally bring your own charcoal also to save the forest here in the region plus it is much cheaper to bring brickettes from your local supermarket.

Market Region

BCI Bank/ATM - has two ATM’s that have a personal security guard posted outside at all times. You should use the normal precautions but nothing has happened to date that we are aware of. Careful the ATM’s only take 4 digit pin codes.

Bread can be obtained from various places in the market but is mainly supplied by Elias’s bakery found next to Fernando’s.

Supermarkito -  next to Petromoc Petrol station Supplies - if you are looking for Olive Oil, Olives etc. including cheese this is the place to head to. See more HERE

Vodacom - purchase a sim card at one of the Barrakas where you see the Vodacom signs and save yourself some money especially if you have friends and family here on holiday with you. Make sure you purchase the airtime you require for data and convert airtime to data by typing *111# and following the menu options :

to check your balance on data if you are on a dongle modem and Apple dial *100#

Traditional shopping Village centre

Dairy Products - one of the Barrakas in the market has milk, yoghurt - ask for directions.

Petromoc Petrol Station region

Could not find what you were looking for or you have a service to offer - Contact us on

Pharmacy - The pharmacy is in the mall at the end of the passage where you can find many of the drugs you might need while in Ponta. Call Ico to check if they have what you require on +258 84 526 3632

Shopping options for all your requirements especially those items you have left behind.

Electronics - Contact ... Dino on Cell : +258.84.861.8060

Space reserved for more information on sponsors of these adverts. If you are interested in paying an annual R650 for this space please contact

Petromoc Fuel - Ponta do Ouro has a service station that supplies petrol (unleaded) and diesel besides the various oils you might need along your journey and is situated in the middle of the village near the BCI bank. Web Page for more info

Beach Region

Beach road Region

Plenty Barraka shops for you to found some awesome Mozambique clothing, carvings (Careful as SA does not allow you to import wooden products.... ) and beach gear you might need while here. Be careful as they have de-marked areas for no parking (includes stopping) to improve traffic flow due to tar road traffic from Maputo and SA, which these narrow roads cannot cope with.... Best to leave your car and walk down to the beach and shop on your way......

Support the locals and their wares at half the price of South African similar products. you will find most of these guys close to the beach entrances and you definitely will need slops on the beach, which is currently cooking hot! The slops are well priced and last a long time...

If you have a loved one get a heart engraved for a special moment.....

Armazens Ponta - For all you Beers, ciders etc. drink at wholesale prices... buy by the box so remember to bring a case of empties or pay the extra deposit to get your own box....

Enter the market neat Fernando’s and Head down Chicken Alley

Locals are friendly and do not hassle you as you safely walk through the region.

This is Chicken Alley where various vendors supply famous Mozambique food

Pop into Dino for any of your entertainment from Electronic Cameras to DSTV and DJ hiring for parties.

Limited car parts available her such as spark plugs, fan belts etc.

Plenty shops supply household necessities for cleaning, pots pans etc.

Computer spares, repairs and cell phone accessories....

Hardware store for maintenance and construction

Many shops supply a variety of food and drinks, Beer, wine, Frozen chicken meat, canned foods, rice etc.

Plenty Hardware stores in the region and easily to identify.

Plenty alcohol available at very reasonable hours till late at night. This region is very safe even if you need to wander down these alleys late at night to buy another bottle o two....

Enjoy your shopping in Ponta supporting the locals