Here is a list of Restaurants for eating out in Ponta do Ouro, Southern Mozambique


Market - support the local community with their authentic Mozambican cuisine

Head down to the market area and ask the locals how to find these restaurants within the back section of the market. It is quite an experience and might scare you off but rest assured you are extremely safe in this region. Some of the restaurants wash your hands before and after you eat and the food is out of this world and is generally bought fresh every day.

Chicken and chips, Burghers, soup, fish etc.  - Lulu’s - +258 84 754 7259

Chicken and chips - Alice - +258 82 523 5663 - Remember to pre-book otherwise your meal might take a while as they like cooking their chicken slowly.

We will publish a map of the region shortly for you to discover where all the eating places are including some of the late drinking Barrakas


Drunken Clam Beautiful setting on the lake in Ponta Malongane with awesome sunsets! A place where friends get together for great food, cocktails, Mozambican beers and R&R’s! Contact:  Chris or Raquel on +27 82 3317250 (SA) or +258 848 246 191/ 848516255 email:

Marula Shak - Enjoy a long lazy 6 course lunch in the pristine bush environs of the Nkumbe Wildlife Estate.  This unique venue is a haven of tranquility but still offers up a memorable party (if the hammocks and swings don’t seduce you into a state of slothfulness first) and a must do experience during your trip to Southern Mozambique.  Call : +258 84  428 4748 Email : Website : Select Here

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 Pintos Beach Bar is one of the only bars on the beach that has a Mozambique vibe and is by the best when it comes to sundowner pumping music and cocktails. 
The music played is very uptempo drum and bass and if you bring a Jemba drum along are more then Pizza and Prego roles etc.  select here for info  More...PintosBeachBar.htmlPintosBeachBar.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

SKY Island Paragliding resort. One of the most stunning settings not to be missed and if you are into paragliding, take off on your doorstep. Book in for a breakaway  from your boring routine and come and relax close to all the entertainment and beaches in Ponta Malongane. Offering Accommodation, Restaurant and Paragliding venue - select HERE for more information.