Paragliding in Ponta


Join us on an epic paragliding tandem flight over one of the most stunning views in Southern Mozambique. Hover over the Point in Malongane and check the views out to Ponta Mamoli then back to Ponta do Ouro with the crystal clear Indian Ocean spread out below as far as the eye can see.

Once you have experienced this exhilarating flight consider doing an international paragliding course over a few days and get your wings!

Check the weather out on our weather pages to determine, which are good days to go using the WindGuru forecast making sure the wind is predicted to be South East (SE) and below 8-10 knots then contact us to make reservations for accommodation and advise on launch sites for training and for leisure

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Seasonal Learn to paraglide - 1 day

Qualified Paraglider course

Aerial Photography

Get us to film your experience and record it to a DVD to take home to show your friends.

We also film any other activities you might be involved with such as scuba diving - African Rhythm


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