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Police - Contact : Commandant Sidique Bilo on +258-84-748-4177

Marine Reserve - Contact Miguel Gonclaves on +258- 82-727-6434

Litter is a huge problem here in Ponta do Ouro so please do not throw bottles, cigarette boxes etc out of your car windows as there is no cleaning refuse collection agency here resulting in the few business in the region having to regularly do huge cleanups. Join our Facebook page to volunteer your services when you are in town if we are doing one of our regular beach, town or roads cleanup.

Ponta do Ouro police have a zero tolerance for all inappropriate behavior especially where regulations are being contravened. At ALL times respect them (as you should all the locals) if they request papers from you for your vehicle passports etc., which you should always keep with you. Many people have been thrown in jail after a few R&R’s disrespecting the police and have spent the night in jail and paid heavy fines for this! The police station can be found by turning right at the intersection before you hit the centre of town at the top of the hill and is on your right about 200 meters down the road driving South.

Select HERE to find Police station on Google Maps

Adventure snorkeling/ Dolphin / Whale Sharks / Whales

The Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine reserve was opened on the 17th May by Mr Fernando Sumbana, Mozambique’s Minister of Tourism. The official headquarters of the Partial Marine reserve is found past the police station on your left probably about 1/2km on your left hand side. Check our Marine Reserve pages out for more information and watch the videos we have posted for your attention. Here is a link to the press release on the opening - Select HERE The reserve now forms part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation and Resource area (TFCA).

We have listed the regulations under each activity below for you to ensure you do not come into contact with the law.

Select HERE to find Marine Reserve offices on Google Maps

There are numerous Scuba diving companies that have concessions as you have in Sodwana that may take tourists out to the various dive coral reefs. You may not bring your own private boat here to take your own students or paying guests out. The Scuba diving companies listed in our activities page are the only scuba diving companies permitted to take anyone on a Scuba dive.

Currently according to regulations you are not permitted to snorkel with dolphin, Whales Sharks or Manta’s and especially whales but the authorities have agreed to allow two concessions this opportunity who have a strict code of conduct and ethics that you need to adhere to when joining them on a snorkeling trip.

The area from the Ponta do Ouro border to the Maputo river mouth is a marine protected area. Please follow the specie specific code of conduct including the basic rules below :

  1. 1.Turtles - do not approach nesting turtles or hatchlings as this is only permitted by Turtle Monitors.

  2. 2.Dolphin and Whales - Swimming with Marine mammals is not permitted unless with a registered operator. Do not approach within 300 meters.

  3. 3.Sharks - The feeding / chumming for sharks is not permitted and only one vessel is allowed within the 150 meters where contact is made with Whale Sharks.

  1. 1.The collection of Corals and Shells is not permitted on the beach or when scuba diving.

  2. 2.The purchase of jewelry & souvenirs made from turtles and Ivory is prohibited.

  3. 3.The collection o purchasing of Aquarium fish is not permitted.

  1. 1.All Vessels require a launch permit - obtain yours from the Port captain on your arrival at a costs of 600 Mts (Boats); 500 Mts (Jetski’s). You can find the Port Captains office on the lower road heading out of town north 200 meters past the petrol station on the left hand side of the road.

  2. 2.Boats and JetSki’s are not permitted within 300m of Whales and Dolphins

  3. 3.No Launching of Jet Skis other than fishing ones is permitted - this is under review for now so please check for updates on a regular basis as it could be strictly enforced in the near future.

  4. 4.Do not discard any rubbish overboard.

  5. 5.Catching of bottom fish, sharks and marine mammals is prohibited.

  6. 6.Feeding of Dolphins is prohibited

  7. 7.Sale of Fish is prohibited.

  8. 8.Ten fish per per person(licensed) per species may be landed

  9. 9.Billfish if landed and not released (preferably) incur a charge of 150 Meticais/fish when you return to beach (might have been increased by now?).

  10. 10.Jetskis are NOT allowed to play in the bay, launch site or swim areas and must remain at least 100 meters from the low water mark. Please stay clear of bathers, surfers, kite boarders and marine mammals.

  1. 1.Make sure you have the necessary documents with you before arriving at the border

  2. 2.Please keep to a slow speed, 20km in town and residential areas and 40km/h outside the residential areas. And be especially careful around blind corners!

  3. 3.There are small children and animals on the road so be careful as you will be in serious trouble if you knock someone down and it is fatal!

  4. 4.No drinking and driving, which everyone does here - be careful as there are heavy fines.

  5. 5.Drive slowly here and respect the locals who might have no choice but to walk in the road, might not hear you approaching etc. This is their town and they are not as fortunate as you to drive a car so please respect them and take your time and thank them for moving out of the way. This is the real africa and we know you have plenty time so drive slowly and see the town and country side or drive fast and be locked up in the police station for the night with a hefty fine.

  6. 6.No under 18 drivers.

  7. 7.No Quad bikes after 22:00 hours.

  8. 8.Please keep to existing roads and do not venture onto the dunes or untouched vegetation, thereby minimising your impact on the environment. Keep in mind this was a war zone and undetected land mines might still be in the region.

  9. 9.Vehicles without silencers are not allowed in built up areas.

  10. 10.All drivers must have a valid drivers license with them at all times including your passport, registration and temporary import and third party insurance papers.

  11. 11.No Quad Bikes or Motor Bikes are allowed in the Special Maputo Elephant reserve.

  12. 12.Offenders will have their vehicles confiscated if any of the above is disregarded.

  13. 13.Tricks, doughnuts and wheelies are not permitted.

  14. 14.No Driving on the beach is permitted

  15. 15.Only vehicles launching and retrieving boats or jetski’s are allowed on the beach in the launch site. Not adhering to this law may result in a 20,000 Mts spot fine (+-R7,000). Please ensure you are totally familiar with the laws and regulations before towing your vessel into the launch area.

  16. 16. Be aware of swimmers and other bay users and keep children under supervision at all times while watching for boats that might be returning to the beach

  1. 1.The purchasing of any wildlife is prohibited including Snakes, Tortoises, Chameleons, Monkeys, Jackal, Buck etc.. Please support this initiative to secure the bio-diversity in the region and report anyone trying to sell you anything to

  2. 2.Do not try and catch any of these animals as well even if it is to show your friends and family.

  3. 3.Do not feed any of the above either. We have managed to avoid a vervet monkey problem here by not doing this so please do not be the first to start this problem here.

  1. 1.No climbing of any dunes is permitted especially the ones at the point, which we are trying to rehabilitate.

  2. 2.Please do not leave your litter on the beach after a great day in the sun or evening sundowners. These beaches are kept clean by the same people that take you out on diving trips and dolphin encounters as there is no municipal system in place.

  3. 3.No digging of hole son the beach due to Turtles laying eggs in this region - please monitor your kids as you will be fined!

Please respect the local community and keep in mind you are not in South Africa any more and are now hosted by people who have had a rough life and deserve to be treated respectfully. Respect their privacy, cultural heritage, habits, and traditions and we assure you they will be more than willing to please you.

Respect their property boundaries and private properties and do not think you can go anywhere you wish even in town in the old dilapidated buildings as the owners sometimes still live in these ruins.

Copies of the Partial Marine Report can be obtained from:

Ministry of Tourism, National Directorate of Conservation Areas (DNAC)

Av. 10 de Novembro, n° 40, Praceta n° 1196, MAPUTO, Telephone: +258 21 303650, Fax: +258 21 306212

Manager: Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve Cell: +258-82-727-6434  E-mail:

You are also able to download the 3.8 Mbyte document please go to our resource centre.

APPENDIX 1. PROCLAMATION DECREE  (extract from the Final approved Management plan for The Partial Marine reserve document : PPMR ManPlan Eng_20 Dec 2011fin.pdf, which you can download HERE.)

Decree nr. 42/2009 of 21 August 2009

The law 20/97 of October 1st, establishes the general grounds for Biodiversity protection regime and, and on the other hand, the article 35 of the Law 3/90, of September 26th, adjoined with article 112 of the General Regulations of Marine Fisheries, approved by the Decree 43/2003, of December 10th, foresees the provision of conservation measures, preservation and for the management of fishery resources bearing in mind the species and area of fishing, as well as the need for protection of marine mammals and other rare species or under extinction list.

In this terms and under the disposition of article nr. 1 of article 114 of The Marine Fishing Regulations approved by the Decree nr 43/2003 of December 10th, The Council of Ministers declares:

Article 1-1. The gazetting of The Partial Marine Reserve of Ponta do Ouro intended to preserve and protect coastal and marine species and their habitats with a total surface 678 sq. km.

2. The Partial Marine Reserve of Ponta do Ouro has the following borders:

North: From point t01, on the coordinates S26 º 11' 38.4" and E 32º 41' 27.6" to the point m01 on the coordinates S26º 10' 37.2" and E 32º 41' 27.6"; passing through point m02 with coordinates S26º 16' 19.2" and E 32º 50' 06" and more to the north is delimitated by point m06 with coordinates S25º 57'07.2" and E32º 54' 54"; and its uppermost point is given under m14 with coordinates S 25º 55' 40.8" and E33º 01' 26.4".

West: From the northern most point of Inhaca Island where you find the point t14 with coordinates S25º 58´ 15”.6 and E3 º 59´ 34”.8, until Ponta do Ouro on point t11, with coordinates S26º 51´ 36” and E32º 53´ 31”.2, following its contours, including the primary dunes on the continental area covering the prominent points of Malongane, Madejanine, Mamoli, Techobanine, Dobela, Milibangalala, Membene, Chemucane, Mucombo, Gomeni, Abril and, on a straight line 100 m to the interior of Machangulo Peninsula.

East: The Indian Ocean in a width 3 nautical miles from Ponta de Ouro at point m11 up to point m14, shown in the Northern Limit.

South: From point t11 with coordinates S26 51 36 and E32 53 31.2 and the point m11 with coordinates S26 51 32.4 and E32 56 45.6 at Ponta de Ouro.

Article 2. Within the limits of the Reserve and without prejudice to the other foreseen restrictions and prohibitions of applicable legislation, the activities listed below are forbidden:

a). Semi-industrial and industrial fishing

b). Collection or fishing with any fishing art of fishing in the coral reefs

c). Fishing with dynamite or any other methods or harmful substances

d). Fishing of any fish species protected by law

e). Driving of any motorized vehicle along the beach line

f). Construction of any type of infrastructures except precarious camps of artisanal fisherman.

Article 3. The violation of the restrictions foreseen in previous articles of this Decree, it is a violation punishable according to the due and specific laws, being aggravated by the fact that the same will have been committed within the boundaries of the Reserve, without uplifting other applicable norms. APPENDICES [55] PONTA DO OURO PARTIAL MARINE RESERVE -Management Plan

Article 4-1. The management of The Marine Reserve and the respective Management Plan rely to The Ministry of Tourism taking into consideration The Zoning Plan, with multiple and restricted use zones within a tome schedule not beyond 90 days after this Decree is in action.

Is the responsibility of The Minister for Coordination of Environmental Affairs after hearing the Ministers of Tourism and of Fisheries, to approve The Management Plan for The Partial Marine Reserve.

Approved by The Council of Ministers, on July 14th, 2009.

Be Published.

The Prime Minister, Luísa Dias Diogo.

Below find a set of simplified local rules you need to adhere to depending on your activity - See Local rules page for details or to view the official document see reference below.

You are also able to download the 3.8 Mbyte document please go to our resource centre.M-Local_Rules.htmlM-Local_Rules.htmlM-Local_Rules.htmlM-Resource_centre.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3

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