This is probably one of the most enjoyable game drives you will ever do
because it is wild. What makes it wild though is the fact that it has not been commercially developed as yet so roads are not maintained, limited road signs and pristine biodiverse wilderness make it and adventure of note.
The big 5 are not here but the danger however is found in the elephant in the region, which are know to overturn vehicles so advisable trailers are not recommended. If you do travel we recommend you travel in convoy with at least 2 vehicles as there are regions you could get stuck in close to many of the marshy areas close to lakes plus the elephant of course.
If you have a trailer have a vehicle recce the region first and connect with walkie talkies... cell phones may not work in certain sections of the park. There are section where you go through dense forest with no route for escape from elephant so be careful as they also make use of roads through this terrain.
There is plenty game in the region and the birding is top class with a variety of birds entertaining you as you drive through....

If you camp at Milibangala it is very basic with one open cold shower, no electricity, limited ablutions but awesome camp sites right
next to beach.

The region is very safe so you do not need to worry about security with onsite management looking after your interests.

Below find the Google Earth route and download the .kmz file to research the trip MiliPonta TripJournal.kmz

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