Basic Marine Rules & Regulations concerning Boats and Jet skis

  1. 1.You require a temporary permit to import your vehicle, Boat, Jetski, Quad Bikes or trailer.

  2. 2.Please check with your host if Jetskis are allowed anymore as the area has been declared a partial marine reserve, which does not allow the use thereof unless for fishing.

These are all available at the border on left as you arrive through the Mozambique gate.

Fees Licenses and Permits

Third Party Insurance - Dec. 2017

- Vehicles        : R 280

  1. -Trailers         : R  140

Purchase 3rd Party online through DriveMoz below :

Licenses Documentation required

  1. -Valid Skippers license

  2. -Valid Seaworthy/Fitness certificate for vessel

  3. -Safety Equipment as per seaworthy requirements in South Africa

Licenses per vessel

All vessels require a launch permit valid for a period of maximum 30 days.

  1. -Vessels Boats  : Mts 600

  2. -Jet Ski’s           : Mts 500

Fishing Licenses (Per Angler not vessel)

Boat/Jet ski           : Mts 400

Rock & Surf          : Mts 400

Spear Fishing       : Mts 500

Bill Fish - Marlin and Sailfish require a tax to be paid if brought to shore Mts 150 per fish. We urge you though to please catch and release to ensure this sport can entertain you for the years to come.

Please observe al the rules and regulations as there are heavy fines and you will go to jail of you cannot pay and will only be released on payment plus you might have vehicles, boats etc. confiscated.


SA Passport Authority and SA Police : +27 35-592 9181

Mozambique Authority : no phone available

Select Icons for Home affairs of each country

If you do not own a 4x4, you can park your car at the border at a cost of R40 per day at Skelm's Parking (082 624 6518) which is secure.

Mozambique Customs Travellers Allowance

  1. 1.Tobacco Products : 200 cigarettes or 50 Cigars or 250grams of smoking tobacco

  2. 2.Alcoholic Drinks : 1 Litre of Spirits and 2,25 Litres of Wine

  3. 3.Perfumes : 50ml Perfumes OR 250ml of Toilet water

  4. 4.Pharmaceutical Products : Quantity considered reasonable for personal consumption.

  5. 5.Other Goods including food - US$ 200/person free of duty charge

Customs Regulation returning to SA

  1. 1.No wooden items may be purchased in the market and imported to SA. This is to prevent the spread of any borer, insects etc. they might still be imbedded in the wood as it is not treated.

  2. 2.There are fish regulations on importing so be careful as the SA police will request you open your fridges - check on regulations before you leave SA and Mozambique.

we will be updating this once we have official documents you can produce if queried at the border.

If you miss the border here are a few places you can contact to organise lodging/camping near the border to enable you to get to the border early the next morning :

Ken 5 minutes from border @ Utshwayelo Lodge – Camping and Cabins call : Ken: +27 82 909 3113

Bert @ Lala Lapa Lodge close to Kosi Bay on your left - Call : +27(82) 773 8274 email : - camping and cabins

Leopard Walk Lodge -
If you are a long way off on your way from Durban or like breaking your trip up to Ponta stay at Leopard Walk Lodge near Hluhluwhe for a luxurious bush lodge experience, breakfast with Zebra and plenty game from Impala, Nyala and Wildebeest not forgetting the region has an incredible amount of birds (over 400). Contact : reservations on Cell: ( +27) 083 6987318 - Select here for more details :

Here are some more website options for you on your way from Johannesburg - click HERE

Thobeka Backpackers - Half way to Farazela Border watch out for a sign on the right hand side of the road to stay overnight at a highly recommended clean backpackers in the bush. Webpage :

Phone :  072 446 1525


Download Check List for Border issues you need to monitor and adhere to. Also includes customs regulations on the MOZINFO Facebook group documents folder.

There are a variety of Facebook groups you can join to find out more information, dealing with police issues and corruption before heading to Mozambique to ensure you have a safe journey - search FB using MOZ and join.

Tyre Pressures - It is also important that you let your tyres down before you leave the border (between 1.2 and 1.5 bars).

  1. 1.Border entrance stop sign

  2. 2.When you stop at 2nd stop sign ZA police will ask for your drivers license and car license papers(Sometimes)..

  3. 3.they will probably flag you though to park on the Moz side.

  4. 4.Head to Passport control on your left on ZA side.

  5. 5.Head to Moz Passport control on the right.

  6. 6.On the left head to Customs for your TIP and declare Car and trailer Temp import plus any other major valuables.. not that the forms here can manage it.

  7. 7.NB You will receive a ticket, which must be handed to officer checking your vehicle and goods purchased etc.

  8. 8.Purchase 3rd Party from vendors in front of your parked car if you have not already. Only payment expected at border unless you declare drinks and food you are importing not permitted such as beer.

  9. 9.Exit out gate where you might be requested to produce passport.. checking everyone has been stamped... more here.. Excuse poor images - best Google Earth images I could produce...

Trip option to Ponta


  1. 1.Tar road

  2. 2.Technical route requiring some good driving skills even with a 4x4

Border Procedure



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