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Promotions currently undertaken in the Elephant Coast Region

Elephant Coast Biodiversity Route - Join us on one of the most stimulating tours of your lifetime by doing the Elephant Coast Biodiversity route scuba diving on stunning reefs with Sharks, swim with Dolphin, whales, Whale Sharks and Mantas then head out to the reserves in the region to view the incredible biodiversity on land with Elephant, Hippo, Lion, Cheetahs, Leopard, Hyena, Crocodiles, a variety of antelope, Zebra, Wildebeest... the list goes on and then of course there are over 480 bird species and the floral kingdom is the second most biodiverse in Africa! Tours start near St Lucia via Ponta do Ouro in Southern Mozambique to the western regions of Mkhuze region. Select HERE to see details on this NEW route and be one of the first to explore the wonders of this region. Check the new trip for the Maputo Elephant Reserve HERE.

Autumn and Spring Festivals - To promote local business in the quite off season periods we have introduced two festivals that coincide with music festivals STRAB and FORR, which are run in Ponta Malongane. Besides promoting local business we are trying to raise funds for community projects in the region to assist locals with their lifestyles as well. The community projects are based on our ECO lifestyle philosophy and are not materialistic in anyway. We aim to assist  the community by introducing them to a lifestyle where money is not important by insuring they have a comfortable home to live in with water and electricity and sufficient food and assist them with developing their natural artistic talents that are ECO friendly such as the souvenirs they make for tourists. Select HERE for more details on these festivals

Photography/Videography - For all your multimedia requirements from Photography, Videography, DVD production for weddings, music, surfing, scuba diving contact William on email website for some examples produced recently got to

Sunday Music clubs for open mike evenings - we regularly run music clubs often giving music lesson before the event depending on which region we are in. To follow us please go to our facebook page :

African Rhythm is a holistic ECO business encouraging people to live a stimulating ECO Lifestyle incorporating : Health, Social, Family, Intellectual, Spiritual and Financial advice.

Check our Newspapers and Magazines out for the latest health and lifestyle options you have to improve your lifestyle

ECO Sustainable products - To assist communities in remote areas we have started introducing products you can order on line to live a sustainable lifestyle. Products will include water solutions, Solar Energy products, lights etc. etc. click link below to be redirected.

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