Beach Bars

Market Barakas

Fernandos for R&R’s - looking over local market. If you tell your friends you have been to Ponta do Ouro but you have to admit you did not go to Fernando’s you will be in serious trouble so make sure you spend a morning/afternoon/evening there to find out why!
Sundowner cruises  - One of the fun things to do in Ponta is do the Barraka bar cruise from Ponta do Ouro to Ponta Malongane. There are numerous barrakas/shebeen’s pumping out different music all along the way. Be careful though of locals and children while driving these roads and do not speed through the region.

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Leisure option in the Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique region from Scuba diving, Surfing, Kiteboarding, 4x4 trips, Quad Bikes, Birding, Sundowners, Bars, Booze cruises, Barakas and clubbing

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Head to Malongane and head to the following Barrackas on the way :

Ponta - Andre’s Bar on your left as you head out of Ponta

Nkumbe - Captain Gus - on your right before Nkumbe Reserve

Malongane - SkyView - Paragliding Restaurant with stunning view

Malongane - Jacks Bar on your right just before Malongane

Malongane - Amigos at the island heading down to Campsite

Malongane - Drunken Clam near Lake edge with view across lake

Malongane - Sunset Shack with pool and stunning deck views

Beach action
Pintos Beach Bar is one of the only bars on the beach that has a Mozambique vibe and is by the best when it comes to sundowner pumping music and cocktails. Now Pintos Restaurant open wth the best Italian thin crusted Pizzas, Prego and Boerewors rolls in Ponta do Ouro.

The music played is very uptempo drum and bass and if you bring a Jemba drum along are more then welcome to join in and drum along with many others who frequent this bar on a regular basis.

Occasionally DJ’s play their mixes into the late or early morning, which you can party  to until the sun comes up in the 

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Lulu’s - your first choice especially after spending time at Fernandos next door. They will quite often do take aways for you as you sit enjoying your R&R