Spring and Autumn festivals

Each Year we have two festivals on being in Autumn then Spring. These events are normally held out of season and is a great time to be in Ponta as it is not busy so everyone offers specials on all the services they offer here.

Autumn Festival in Ponta is probably one of the nicest times to be here so why not have a festival? At the same time STRAB will be hosting their annual music festival in Ponta Malongane plus we will host a string of activities. Activities include beach soccer, touch rugby, volleyball and live music in various venues. Bands and musicians will be announced in the near future. Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page to be informed of events taking place. For sponsorship information please select HERE

SPRING Festival - Beach sports competitions include Volley Ball, Beach Soccer and Touch Rugby. We normally have good winds so the first Kiteboarding Competition will be held at the same time with a window period from the 1st - 9th September with most of the events taking place before the FORR music festival in Malongane. LIKE our Facebook page to be kept up to date with events, dates and activities.

Select HERE for more details if you wish to get involved as a sponsor or wish to know more about the activities involved. If you would like to participate we have very special packages to make sure you have a really nice break away from the Big cities - take a break before the season... you deserve it - contact us on admin@pontainfo.com

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Sign up here for a regular Newsletterhttp://www.pontainfo.com/MailingList.html