We are currently marketing the PONTA Autumn festival heavily on the Internet through Facebook and email campaigns. There are opportunities available for your business to get involved to promote and market your company at a very quite time of the year.

This is a great time to offer specials to ensure your business do not run at a loss so when the season does turn around you make profit from day 1 and not have to fill the cash flow hole caused by the quite period between seasons. Ideally you work out what your costs are for the month and try and cover them in this short 10 day period by offering specials on accommodation, food, scuba diving, fishing etc.

The festival is currently planned for the period shortly after elections in South Africa on the 7th May giving us a window period of 10 days for the first amateur surf contest, which hopefully grows into a major event as did the cycle contests the Knysna Oyster festival generated years ago.

The surfing contest will not be a major event but if we do attract a few good surfers they will amongst themselves vote for the top 3 surfers that have impressed them while surfing with each other. There will be no heats etc. but the surfer would have to impress with his behavior out on the water, their social interaction and their surfing. So much more than the typical surf contest and character tools they do need to develop if wanting to take surfing to the next level.

Ponta is ideally positioned to host a major photographic/videography contest similar to the Sodwana shootout, which is now hosted by iSimangoliso in the school holidays. This does not suit many of the entrants as getting onto a launch can be tricky. The biodiversity in the region also gives one the opportunity to practice macro photography on insects, Zoom action shots on Birds etc

Music will be a major part of the festival with some big names appearing in the future...

We need venues available who are willing to offer package deals to various musicians such as free accommodation, meals etc. plus a payment for the evening they entertain at your venue. The STRAB festival is shortly after this festival so we should be able to attract a few musicians appearing to attend our festival to relax and practice before their main debut at STRAB.

For any additional queries or opportunities you would like to suggest or promote please contact us on admin@pontainfo.com specifying your requests. Keep in mind we can assist with marketing whatever it is from website design/updates and email marketing.


Featured activities

Amateur Surf contest

  1. Sponsorships available

  2. Prizes for surfing contest required.

  3. Accommodation packages to attract surfers for 10 days.

  4. Surfers to judge themselves

  5. Entrance fee R100 - total prize money to NO1 Surfer plus sponsor prizes.

Scuba Diving

  1. Sponsorship available

  2. Specials to be marketed

  3. Prizes for Photo contest required.

Photographic Contest

  1. Variety of categories from Scuba to Wildlife for all ages.

  2. Entrance fee R100 - total prize money to NO1 overall winner plus sponsor prizes to various categories.

beach activities

  1. Beach soccer

  2. Beach Volleyball

  3. Touch Rugby

  4. Entrance fee R50 - total prize money per activity to NO1 overall winner plus sponsor prizes to various activities.

Super Rugby venues.

  1. Venues required - Donations to be placed in community chest.

Booze Cruize

  1. Various venues required to sell vouchers.

  2. Advertising opportunities on T-Shirts

Community Projects

  1. Check the main Pontainfo Page out for planned community projects. This festival will be based on the major Rotary community project such as the Knysna Oyster festival.....


a little about
our crew...

  1. Surf Contest entries etc.

  2. Scuba Diving bookings

  3. Photo/Video registration

  4. Beach Activity Entries

  5. Super Rugby venues

  6. Booze cruise logistics

Contact us on admin@pontainfo.com for any additional queries and opportunities you m might like to see associated with this festival.


Select HERE to check out the main pages on the festival and remember you are also able to take out a Page advert on the www.pontainfo.com website or have a banner advert designed for a specific page that does not already have one.

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