PONTA Autumn Festival 2014


Draft details of Festival plans for 8th - 18th May

I intend producing another for this festival once we have sponsors in place. This is generally a very quite time of the year so many of the establishments are quite happy to run at cost so accommodation and restaurants offer specials to attract tourists. We will be promoting many package deals with diving, surfing etc wrt accommodation.

Here is a list of all the activities, which you can choose to be involved with. We will announce sponsorship opportunities shortly and will give preference in contract form to those who get involved with the pioneering of this new festival for the future festivals held down the track....

Website references :  http://www.pontainfo.com/Festivals.html
Facebook Website LIKE : http://www.facebook.com/PontaAutumnFest/ 

We are looking for an Event sponsor and will probably have a local Mozambique company sponsor the festival. If you are interested though please contact us on admin@pontainfo.com 

Ponta Autumn festival 2014 – Tentative Dates after 7th May SA elections 8th - 18th May - Activities :

Amateur surf competition - This is a very good time of year for Surfing in the Southern Region of Mozambique so it generally attracts many surfers especially if there is a cyclone off the coast near Madagascar. Ultimately it would be good to have a pro contest but it would take a while to get it onto any circuit as most of them are pretty established at this stage. Surfing workshop given by Pros might be a good idea though. We will be approaching all the surfing and Surf Clothing companies for sponsorships and prizes to attract the guys from all over SA especially Durban.

Sponsors and Prizes required - please contact admin@pontainfo.com for more details...

Scuba diving - Ponta is very well know for it's scuba diving and is ranked very high as far as Reef quality and activity goes in the world. It will be easy to attract scuba divers here to attend the festival and of course most of them enjoy a good night out on town.

Sponsors and Prizes required - please contact admin@pontainfo.com for more details...

Photographic competition - This event is open to all photographers and will include photos in all categories from scuba diving to beach action to environmental wild life photos.

Sponsors and Prizes required - please contact admin@pontainfo.com for more details...

 Music - Live - we have a couple of local musicians plus guys from the Durban/Scottburgh : Gary Nixon, Cape Town’s Robin Auld(pending) and Albert Frost(Confirmed) and Maputo regions who will definitely make it. The STRAB festival will be held at the end of the month so we hope to get some of the musicians down before to rehearse and take a holiday in the region before their big night. See http://www.strab.co.za for more information. If you go back to our Festivals page you will see their facebook announcements.

Sponsors and musicians required - please contact admin@pontainfo.com for more details...
Music - DJ's

Ponta do Ouro has many clubs and Barrakas(Shabeens) to setup your DJ kit and to party the night away.

Sponsors and DJ’s required - please contact admin@pontainfo.com for more details...

Paraiso do Ouro : Available
Pintos Bach Bar : Available
Pintos night club : Available
Fernandos : Available

Beach activities

Sponsors and Prizes required - please contact admin@pontainfo.com for more details for the following activities :

Volley ball - Beach soccer - Touch Rugby

Booze Cruize - this is a trip to Malongane and the tourists have to go to the various venues/Barakas and purchase vouchers and when they return they exchange the vouchers for a T-Shirt with a variety of sponsors advertised on the shirt. 

Sponsors required but all sponsors for the festival will be on the t-shirts and will be a special edition being the first production - please contact admin@pontainfo.com for more details for the participating venues: to be advised


Please be sure to like our Facebook page to see ongoing specials as they are marketed by the community - see : http://www.facebook.com/PontaAutumnFest/ 

Biodiversity Game Drives to Elephant Reserve

African Rhythm is very involved with promoting the biodiversity in this region as you can see on our facebook pages : http://www.facebook.com/AfricanRhythm/  and http://www.facebook.com/ElephantCoastBiodiversity/ These tours will pass by some of the Barakas on the return trip and bring some income to the communities in the regions north of Ponta such as Zitundu. If your 4x4 club would like to join us please contact us on admin@pontainfo.com to arrange planned days. This is a very good environment to have course on driving in sand especially at this time of the year with no rain expected. Cost would be in the region R1,000 with no sponsor per person, which includes park entrance fees.

Exhibition - the various activities will have sponsors and have an option to market their products at an exhibition before the prize giving. This would include all the companies involved with the various events : Scuba Diving, Surfing, Beach Activities, Photographic competition etc. 

Venue : To be advised based on volumes for Scuba, Photography, Surfing etc.
Stand sales : R5,000/stand (pending)

Ponta Magazine

Advertising rates to be established shortly for magazine, which will be handed out for free at border, and various establishments in Ponta. This will also be included in all the packs received by participants involved with various activities.

I am busy with a program, letters to sponsors and some serious planning with some for the local companies so should have something a bit more formal shortly. I will also, while the festival is on, produce 60 second news reports for Internet sharing, which sponsors will benefit from and you will also be able to place these on your websites/Facebook pages.
Let me know your thoughts and please if you have any ideas would be great to hear about them including sponsors looking for an opportunity to get into this festival program, which will hopefully turn into a typical festival I am moulding this on such as the Knysna Oyster festival. At this stage we are only interested in finding who is interested, which should assist with costings and packages we offer for the various activities, accommodation etc.http://www.pontainfo.com/Festivals.htmlhttp://www.facebook.com/PontaAutumnFest/mailto:admin@pontainfo.com?subject=RFI%20Sponsor%20Surf%20contestmailto:admin@pontainfo.commailto:admin@pontainfo.commailto:admin@pontainfo.comhttp://www.strab.co.za/http://www.strab.co.zahttp://www.strab.co.zaFestivals.htmlmailto:admin@pontainfo.commailto:admin@pontainfo.commailto:admin@pontainfo.com?subject=RFI%20Beach%20Activities%20sponsormailto:admin@pontainfo.com?subject=RFI%20Booze%20cruise%20sponsorhttp://www.facebook.com/PontaAutumnFest/http://www.facebook.com/AfricanRhythm/http://www.facebook.com/AfricanRhythm/http://www.facebook.com/ElephantCoastBiodiversity/http://www.facebook.com/ElephantCoastBiodiversity/mailto:admin@pontainfo.com?subject=RFI%20Biodiversity%204x4%20driveshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4shapeimage_1_link_5shapeimage_1_link_6shapeimage_1_link_7shapeimage_1_link_8shapeimage_1_link_9shapeimage_1_link_10shapeimage_1_link_11shapeimage_1_link_12shapeimage_1_link_13shapeimage_1_link_14shapeimage_1_link_15shapeimage_1_link_16shapeimage_1_link_17shapeimage_1_link_18shapeimage_1_link_19

We have two festivals a year namely the Ponta Autumn and Spring Festivals and you have a opportunity of being one of the founding marketing partners in an opportunity that has been begging for years. This is also a community project to assist the locals with their schools, various infrastructure issues and ad hoc requirements.

The festival will be based on the successful Rotary Knysna Oyster festival held annually in Knysna but focusing on Scuba diving, Surfing (Autumn), Kiteboarding (Spring), Photography and live music.

This is a very quite time of the year here in Ponta but is probably the best time to be here because the weather conditions are so ideal for various activities. The surfing is especially good with some really big swell hitting the point, which often attracts many surfers from down the coast. The water is generally very clean as well with great visibility giving divers some of the best conditions to dive in. To keep everyone busy we organise some competitions in the afternoon such as Beach soccer, Volleyball and Touch Rugby with prizes for the best team sponsored by the various companies involved. As we get into the evening we organise live music at various venues and try and grab some of the STRAB/FORR musicians to spend an additional week here before they have to appear at the main concert. As the night progresses the clubs and DJ's start gearing up for a late night.

A video we produced in 2011 for the Spring Festival is on main Festival page....

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Albert Frost Live - 8,9 May


Gary Nixon Live - 5 days


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Main Stage sponsor : Paraiso